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Here is the list of our teachers currently practicing at Infinite Pulse Yoga studio.


Jana Matic


Jana was born and raised in Zenica, a town 1 hour from Sarajevo, a city from the former Yugoslavia. Growing up her grandmother provided a constant rich spiritual presence and an experience of nature’s ability to heal, something that was to become a core part of her life. Jana eventually migrated to Australia with her family in 1995 after living through the Bosnian war, surviving many challenging experiences that would go on to shape her perspective on life.


In Australia, she began a new life completing a number of tertiary qualifications and successful professional stints in the Nursing, Strategic Marketing, and Finance industries. More recently, Jana has achieved  Level 9 Acutonics Practitioner Certification. Working on a more energetic level, she has gained a deeper understanding of the nature of our being through continuous research and formal education, augmenting her certifications in healing modalities such as Seraphine healing, Reiki, Rebirthing, and gong sound healing. All these personal and professional experiences prepared her for her true calling, which is helping people release physical, emotional and psychological trauma.


Jana is certified as a multi-discipline yoga instructor and teacher trainer who has been practising since 2009. She is passionate about committing time to the group and individual classes and workshops, while also supporting the community of Kundalini Yoga instructors to reach their full potential. She brings compassion with grounded practicality to empower students to follow their hearts and live their truth.

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